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What Can Mentoring Do For You?

We are all a part of this world for a reason. You were meant to be here because you are uniquely you. How do you find your place in this world without the kindness and guidance of someone who cares?

Every one of us needs someone that they connect with outside of their family at home, that can listen, encourage and help guide us. That's what mentoring is!

Mentoring is about meaning connection having someone who may not understand, but you can talk to. A mentor allows for you to be who you are with no judgement. A mentor is there to help you make the best decisions you can for your life, family and career.

Mentors are encouraging and empowering. They push you to get out of your comfort zone. They help you see things from a new perspective. We need mentors in our lives because they give us powerful feedback about our lives, our concerns, and our situations. When you allow a mentor to enter into your world, a whole new way of living opens up.

Want to know more about what mentoring can do for you?

Camron Morton, Mentoring Program Director and mental health counseling intern, filled us in on what mentoring is and how it helps us in our everyday life.

Watch this video, then call our office to make an appointment. Our passion is watching you succeed. We would love to help!

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