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Gift Giving is An Act of Love

Gift giving has been a thing since the beginning of time. It’s believed that even before our time, cavemen gave rocks, teeth and bones as gifts. This was a way to establish social connection and structure. Gift giving continues in our society today. They have become more elaborate with the changes in society and technology.

Why do we give gifts?

Gift giving has started to have a connotation of commercialization. Or that gift giving is a way to get something you want in return. When we think of giving gifts, we associate the monetary value to the gift more than what the gift represents.

The act of gift giving comes from the heart (and gifting isn’t just for holidays and birthdays). We give gifts to show our feelings in a tangible way. Gifts help express our emotions like love and devotion. Gifts are given to show respect to those in our lives whom we look up to. Gifts can be given in the spirit of hospitality of mutual aid. Gifts are a symbol of building relationships. They give us a physical way to show our love and appreciation.

How Do You Accept Gifts?

Graciously accepting gifts is a gift back to the giver.

Receiving gifts can feel offbeat and bizarre, especially when we are not expecting gifts. How can you graciously accept the gift and pay back the giftter?

Accept gifts with gratitude and love.

Remember, gifts are given to show emotion and build relationships. Sometimes, we aren’t exactly thankful for the gift, but more appreciative of the act behind it. All any gift giver wants to know is that the gift is appreciated and that the sentiment is felt. A huge thank you, a smile and a hug are enough to repay whatever debt you feel you have from receiving the gift.

What kind of gifts are memorable?

Think back to the gifts you have received. Maybe you got a bike for Christmas or a tablet for your birthday. Those are wonderful memories, but what about the time you received a little something out of nowhere? Those are the times that subtly let you know that you are loved, cherished and cared about.

Memorable gifts come in different forms. They are gifts that keep giving or are fun to unwrap. They are gifts that are handmade or needed.

Most of all, memorable gifts come from love.

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