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Does your kid need a mentor?


A mentor is someone that your child can confide in...someone who they can trust, who will support them and offer guidance. 👩‍👦 Mentors encourage kids to go after their educational aspirations and leadership roles. They help to boost confidence and improve communication skills.

We believe every kid and teen needs a mentor!

Mentors positively influence through connection which help kids and teens learn to solve their problems. Mentoring teaches kids to develop their own voice while feeling unconditional positive regard from an adult who is consistently present (and that might not be a parent, because sometimes...talking to a parent is hard).

Our mentors work to see growth and possibilities for the future of the participants of our mentoring program. Not to mention they have a ton of fun with our kids in the mentoring program.

We know that actively participating in activities with kids and teens grows bonds and encourages open conversation.

New Pathways to Wellness and Recovery mentoring program is designed to meet kids and teens where they are, so they don't feel intimidated or force to change who they are. Mentors and mentees build a connection through activities that kids can relate to. In our mentor room, we have a pool table, foosball, basketball challenge and so many other ways that kids can engage and enjoy the positive regard from an adult that children so need.

Mentors can help build confidence and overcome challenges. Our summer mentor program was designed to bring kids and teens that could benefit from mentoring together so they can learn from one another.

Our mentors taught participants how to regulate emotions, understand self care, and how to stay grounded in tough situations. And they get to create new opportunities and ways of thinking while they play yard games, mini golf, watch movies and go bowling.

Kids and teens deserve the best start we can give them. Want to find a mentor for your child? Contact us at 970-526-6577.

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