Our Beliefs

We strongly believe in the adage, "It takes a village".  We believe that if we work together as a community with all available resources that mental health and substance abuse issues can be better understood and treated. 

Our Team


Michelle McCauley

New Pathways to Wellness & Recovery Counseling Center, LLC

Program Manager & CEO / M.S. /  LPC / MH Supervision

12 years of experience working with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Derek Harris

Harris Treatment, LLC

Assistant Director of Substance Abuse Counseling / CAS II

12 years experience in working with individuals with substance abuse issues and/or criminal behavior issues.

Rem McCauley

ICUP Drug and Alcohol Collections Site, LLC

4 years experience with drug and alcohol testing.

Travis Wheeler

Wheeler Counseling, LLC

M.S. / LPC 

10 years experience in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling.

Michelle Long

Counseling Services, LLC


18 years experience in mental health and substance abuse issues.

Brenda Carrasco

Peer Specialist - Mentoring Supervisor


25 years of case management experience

Camron Morton

Case Manager / Mentor Program Manager

B.S. QMAP (LPC Masters Student in Practicum/Internship)​

10 years experience with case management, education, and youth/family programs.

Sarah Walgenbach

SUD Supervisor


Flor Fuyivara

Administrative Support Staff

Front Desk

Jennifer Ford

Administrative Support Staff


Julie Rhine

Administrative Support Staff

Records, Receiving, Auditing

Michelle Lynn

Michelle Lynn, LLC

Credentialing and Billing Specialist

Our Mission

To provide quality mental health services and substance abuse treatment in a supportive and caring environment.

To educate families and our community about issues related to both mental health and substance abuse issues.


To be advocates and role models for others through use of  forgiveness, empathy and understanding.