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10 Benefits of Having a Fit Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of life to pay attention to yet we don't talk about mental health enough to normalize it. When you are in a good place with your mental health you are able to connect physically AND emotionally with those around you. A state of well-being helps for us to more present and live in this moment.

When you take care of you first, you are able to better help those around you. I tell my kids that it's like being on an airplane and losing cabin pressure. If you do not put your mask on first, you will be rendered incapable of helping anyone around you.

How does good mental health help you help others? Good mental health improves your mood, gives you a greater sense of calm and peace, and helps you improve your connections in relationships. Along with many other positive side effects like improving your self confidence and helping you think clearer, good mental health sets you up to connect to the people around you that you care about.

We all live a fast paced life.

Meetings, appointments, classes, kids, meals, housekeeping, hygiene...

The list can go on and on!

But that's not the list we want to focus on today. The focus for today is YOU and how you can have a full heart and peaceful mind.

A great life is built from a lifestyles that is balanced. Below are just a few benefits to a fit mental health:

  1. Help connections with peers and loved ones

  2. Improve mood

  3. Increase self-worth

  4. Reduce risks of depress

  5. Help productivity

  6. Improve attention span

  7. Boosts decision-making skills

  8. Increased sense of security and well-being.

  9. Reduce anxiety

  10. Boost brain power

What could life be if all ten of these benefits were present in your life?

You could make commitments without fear and live with a sense of confidence!

It seems fitting that Mental Health Awareness month is January, the month after holidays when most people experience high levels of stress and anxiety. It's a good time to focus on you with more than just a New Year's Resolution. Make these more than resolutions. Make them become habits.

Follow our blog for more tips on how to keep your mental health fit and in shape!

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